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Welcome to,
Summer Village of Mewatha Beach

Located on the Southwest shore of Skeleton Lake
8 km east of Boyle on Hwy 663

Welcome to the Summer Village of Mewatha Beach website. This site is designed to provide you with the information necessary for all operations. You can find contact information for all members of council and administration. All information is provided in Word Document or HTML format that you can download or read online.

2010 Election Results:  
Barry Walker 77 votes
Gerry Demers Jr 59 votes
Dave Boychuk 59 votes
Ron Whitson 55 votes
William Campbell 43 votes

For information abut upcoming events, you can check out the calendar page. There you can find listings for special-events that may be occuring in your area. Contact us if you wish to post a date on the calendar. Thank you.

Municipal Sites
Land Use ByLaw
Word Document
Updated 2010-03-08
Privy ByLaw
Word Document
Updated 2009-11-17
Quad ByLaw
Word Document
Updated 2009-11-17
Dog Control Bylaw
Word Document
Updated 2009-11-16

News Topics
Septic Tanks And Phosphates
Word Document
Updated 2010-09-14
Liability Waiver
Word Document
Updated 2010-07-06
2009 Financial Statement
Word Document
Updated 2010-06-20
2010 Spring Newsletter
Word Document
Updated 2010-06-19
2009 Fall Newsletter
Word Document
Updated 2009-11-06

Links of Interest
Town of Boyle
County of Athabasca
The Weather
Alberta Fire Bans
Skeleton Lake Stewardship Association
Mewatha Beach Weather Link

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