Rave community alert app

Just a fyi on a release provided to the local media – please let your community members know about the RAVE alert program for their devices.

Boyle RCMP encourages residents to register for Rave community alerts

Boyle, Alta. – Boyle RCMP encourages residents to sign up for the Rave Mobile Safety mass notification system as an additional tool to be used in crime prevention and community safety. Rave alerts provide Albertans with real-time, trusted information around public safety and crime prevention.

Users register online and then select the region or regions they wish to receive alerts for, as well as the type of information they want to receive, including:

  • Traffic advisory notifications;
  • Crime watch notifications;
  • Crime prevention tips;
  • Requests for public assistance; and
  • General public safety messaging.

They can then decide how they would like to receive alerts, whether it be via phone call, SMS text message, or email.

Rave enables community members to assist police and be a useful resource to their local detachment and their respective community. By staying informed about public safety, residents and the police can work together to reduce crime and improve the safety of their communities.

For more information, or to sign up, please visit www.ruralcrimewatch.ab.ca/l/rave.

Sgt. Dennis Properzi